Rachel is psychotherapist who uses her background in psychology and design to resolve issues between couples who are in the throes of a high-stress project. If you’ve ever embarked on a design project, whether it be selecting a new sofa to a massive gut renovation, you probably know how stressful, confusing, and mentally exhausting the experience can be. Enter the “PSYCHITECT” Rachel Melvald, a licensed psychotherapist with a background in fine arts, architecture, and psychology who specializes in helping her clients maintain good relationships—both romantic and professional—during the design process.


Working with individuals, couples, and families using traditional psychotherapy models and coaching in home or virtual sessions.


Working with couples, families, and systems in the process of finding real estate, a remodel or realizing an architectural plan, Rachel Melvald and associates can mediate and design challenges from project management, mediation, and counseling to the actual design.


We provide project management and recruitment services to ensure quality throughout your entire process.