Psychitecture integrates psychology, art, design, and lifestyle into method and practicality. We use the Psychitecture method to curate our client’s taste and experience. Our goal is to arrive at the center of what a client wants in an art, design, lifestyle or cultural experience.

Rachel Melvald psychotherapist; is additionally trained in architecture and design. She’s developed a unique set of therapy tools to help warring couples on the brink of disaster. She’s known as The Psychitect and she’s on a mission to save a remodel and save a relationship!
An Ohioan transplant to LA, Rachel is uniquely qualified to guide families through these testing times, by combining straight-talk and one-on-one counseling with practical design solutions. ‘Boots-on-the-ground’ intervention is key to Rachel’s method, working closely on-site with the client’s vendors and intimately with the clients. 

The Psychitecture Method is a Four Step Process:

1.  Assessment
Administer assessment, Meet with couple, Individually then convene as a couple

2. Diagnosis/Treatment Plan
Categorize findings from assessment and clinical findings into a treatment plan for new home/remodel

Develop a schedule for collaboration and timeline if design team (architects, contractor) on board

3. Intervention
Synthesized approach to purge the old home items, developing a new vision board of new home project

Step by step in home project process, Psychitect meets with individuals and couple in office and on site, with team

4.  Maintenance
Support to ensure design solutions and relationship progress

“Rachel saved the day, including our relationship!”

– Thomas W.

Creator Rachel Melvald, inspires her readers and clients to connect their true wants and desires.

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