The New Theatrics of Remote Therapy

How does treatment change when your patients are on a screen?

June 1, 2020/by Brittany

Architects and Designers Weigh In on the Future of Work

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo – April 29, 2020
Right now, the…
May 28, 2020/by Brittany

‘It’s Liberating’: 3 Ways a Tech-Savvy Los Angeles Gallery Is Using the Lockdown Era to Leapfrog Into Future of the Global Art Market

In our first spotlight on new business models for galleries,…
May 28, 2020/by Brittany

Best Of: protective partition screens for the post-pandemic workspace


Has the…
May 28, 2020/by Brittany

Norman Bluhm’s Sensual Spiritualism

Norman Bluhm transformed the vocabulary we associate with the…
May 20, 2020/by Brittany

Tauba Auerbach’s Art Unravels the Patterns of the Universe

Tauba Auerbach is an artist who…
May 20, 2020/by Brittany

Stella McCartney Responds to the Crisis: “I Want to be Completely Recycling, Completely Circular, Completely Environmental”

April 26, 2020


Stella McCartney…
May 11, 2020/by Brittany

Home, soothing home

What science, color psychology, and interior designers tell…
May 11, 2020/by Brittany

This 81-year-old was L.A.’s most devoted museum-goer until COVID-19 shuttered cultural institutions

L.A.'s most devoted museum fan, Ben Barcelona, is stuck at…
May 11, 2020/by Brittany

How to Strike a Work/Life Balance in a Tiny Apartment, According to Design Experts

By Tiffany Leigh – April 21, 2020
Feeling cooped up and…
May 11, 2020/by Brittany

FRIEZE NY Officially Now Online


May 11, 2020/by Brittany

Anxiety Expressed in RED

‘This is an incredibly difficult time. It feels simultaneously…
May 4, 2020/by Brittany
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