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Sensory Integration Series: Aphantasia, living without image and less trauma

In this episode, we interview Tom Ebeyer an early aphanstasiac discovered when he couldn’t visualize and was told by a Stanford professor “Well don’t become an architect”.  We learn about how he copes with an inability to imagine and how he processes his environment.

Tom Ebeyer is a social entrepreneur and founder of Aphantasia Network. He was one of the first reported cases of congenital aphantasia and his story has been featured in the New York Times, ScienceDaily and the CBC.

Tom is a part of the Aphantasia Network which provides information for others who might experience Aphantasia and can be accessed through the Aphantasia website here:

Hiring a Contractor 101: Ongoing Consulting Series with Contractor Kevin Garnier

In this episode we ask Kevin the Nuts and Bolts of what to ask a contractor in an inspection, pulling permits and how to avoid a disaster.

Back to “Normal”: Ongoing Consulting series with Contractor Kevin Garnier

In this episode we explore the state of remodels in long lead times and scarcity of resources and how to make the most of it as the world opens up.

Artist Spotlight: Meet architect, interior designer and artist on her conceptual installation piece called UNI-VERSE

In this episode, Rachel interviews artist Nicole Landau on her latest piece UNI-VERSE based upon string theory, energy and universal connection, we reveal how the elements of this piece is one of healing on a psychological level.  Commissioned both nationally and internationally, Nicole’s contemporary fine art can be found in private collections, corporate headquarters and luxury hotels and residences from Beverly Hills to Indonesia. At her young age, Nicole has become noted for her Portals Series and Temple of Times series, a deconstruction of architectural elements.

Nicole Landau

Wendy Posner
Posner Fine Art
Artist Representation
IG. @posnerfineart

Pavel Koudelka & Ondrej Sticha
Design Consultant, Engineering and Manufacturing
IG. @lasvitdesign

Biophilic Design Ambassador and founder of Oliver Heath Design Ltd. reveals the evolutionary magic of biophilic design in architectural and interior design space

In this episode, Rachel interviews Oliver Heath has an illuminating conversation on how connecting our primitive psychological patterns can better inform the design of our home and learning environment. Oliver Heath explains Savanah theory to sustainable practice in architecture design that is a timely calling to our environmentally and psychologically urgent needs to get back to the garden.

Case Studies: Los Angeles-based designer, writer and artist Peter Martinez Zellner on Chromophobia

In this episode, Rachel interviews Peter Zellner recognized for his highly tailored spaces by Le Monde, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and notable public and private art galleries, artist studios, and residences in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York on how he himself as a designer and artist transcended his own chromophobia in design of the traditional white cuba art gallery space and his own painting.    

Peter Martinez Zellner was the Ivan Smith Eminent Chair at the University of Florida, School of Architecture, and the Brown-Forman Visiting Chair in Architecture at the University of Kentucky College of Design. 

In 2017 he launched the Free School of Architecture, a student-run, tuition-free experimental architecture school.  Peter is an Executive Board Member of From Lot to Spot, a green space equity organization located in Boyle Heights.

Martinez Zellner holds a Master in Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

This fall, he will teach at the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture in New York.

Meet the Experts: The Psychitect’s partner in crime in high stakes remodels and new home assessments, we re-introduce Los Angeles-based contractor Kevin Garnier

Rachel introduces her “Meet the Expert Series” of her go-to professionals in the world of homebuilders, real estate and design.

In this episode we meet go-to contractor Kevin Garnier who briefly explores LA’s current housing situation as it relates to the ambitious historical initiative to preserve landmark African American heritage.

Spring Anew: Welcome to the Psychitect is IN and what is it anyway?

In this brief episode we lay out what Psychitecture is and what we will do here. Psychotherapy meets designer, the Psychitect intervenes to save relationships and homes while sourcing experts to enhance our interior and exterior world based on Western psychology of neuroscience, biophilia, sensory integration, dream analysis and more!!

Case Studies – The Dynamics of Design: LA-based architect Ben Warwas on the Architect-Client Relationship

In this segment of Case Studies, we peer into an addition designed by Ben Warwas of BYBEN for client-interior designer Janna Stark’s modern gem in the hills of east side LA.  In this episode, we explore variables of a positive architect-client collaboration.

Meet the Experts: LA-Based Family Law Attorney Rosaline Zukerman speaks on the Emotional, Legal, and Financial keys to long-lasting relationships

In this episode, we have the honor to interview Rosaline Zukerman who is the Dr. Ruth meets Ruth Bader Ginsberg family law go-to-attorney in LA. As Rozz refers to her practice as “preventative lawyering” she shares gems of legal, financial, and relationship wisdom. You can find Rozz at

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Case Studies- The Dynamics of Design: A Couple Gets Through Two Sink Renos

In this segment of Case Studies, we collaborate with couple Brady and Caroline on going underneath the sink- both psychologically and contractually speaking.

Meet the Experts: Go to Realtor Marcy Roth on the Emotions of Real Estate

Rachel introduces her “Meet the expert series”  of her go-to professionals in the design and real estate world.   In this episode we meet stellar realtor Marcy Roth with the Eklund team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate Group who shares her personal and effective approach to working with clients in the often high stakes and emotionality of buying and selling a home.

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Meet the Experts: Introduction to Board Certified General Psychiatrist, Dr. Josephine McNary

Rachel introduces her go to psychiatrist Dr. Josephine McNary who is a board-certified general psychiatrist, specializing in women’s mental health, mood and anxiety disorders and couples and family therapy. We breakdown how to decide if psychotropic medication can be helpful during stressful periods of your life, while also discussing the potential challenges they may present (for example in couples’ sex lives). Learn more about CalPsychiatry at

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Meet the Experts: LA-Based Contractor Kevin Garnier on Building the Contractor-Client Relationship and Your Home

Rachel introduces her “Meet the Expert Series” of her go-to professionals in the world of homebuilders, real estate and design.  In this episode we meet go-to contractor Kevin Garnier who gets to the underbelly of potential issues as he literally is known for crawling under homes to shine a light on any foundational issues.

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Sensory Integration Series: On Interiors | Laura Muller, Award-winning Interior Designer and Co-Founder of Four Point Design

Laura Muller, Principal Interior Designer/Interior Architect/and Builder founded Four Point Design with her husband Cliff.  She is an award winning interior designer who currently has a kitchen project exhibiting at the Pasadena Showcase which you can visit here as well as her website,

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Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Local LA Artist Laurie Raskin

Artist Laurie Raskin is an LA based artist who attended Cal Arts and was highly influenced by the Bauhaus.  At present Raskin works in two modes both of them readily recognizable as couched in modernist formal language and thinking. One mode in effect reconsiders the late work of Henri Matisse from the other side of Abstract Expressionism the other looks back at the Bauhaus from the “position” of Pop Art.  She currently is part of a group show called “The Perception of Color” at Gryder gallery in New Orleans with a virtual exhibition coming soon.   Laurie’s work can be found on her website:

Sensory Integration Series: On Color and Light I Janet Cross, Architect and founder of Cross Architecture

Janet Cross is an architect currently residing in NYC.  Her architectural firm Cross Architecture specializes in architecture and art installation, land use as it intersects with parks and urban life,  and residential projects. She is working with James Turrell on the Roden Crater project in Arizona which you can find more information on the site here: and access her website at
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Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Gillian Rose, Color Expert and Founder of The Science of Color

Gillian Rose is an interior designer and color scientist affiliated with ASID, AIA, CMG, IACC_NA President Elect, Emirati, and Publicolor, Benefit Committed.  She hails from NYC graduating from Parsons School of Design and is now based in Los Angeles.  Gillian’s design assessment uses psychological methods of play to uncover the true color needs of the person and space.  You can find her contact info at

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Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Laura Guido-Clark, Color Expert and Founder of LOVE GOOD COLOR

Laura Guido-Clark is a color expert with a studio based in Berkeley  California. She brings her color expertise to industrial and furniture design worldwide with a highly specialized color workshop series you can find and sign up at

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