We all have heard horror stories of how a remodel nearly tore a couple apart as well as how impactful our environment can be on our state of well-being.

Psychitect, Rachel Melvald, reveals how to create a habitat of well being while saving relationships.

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Sensory Integration Series: On Interiors | Laura Muller

Laura Muller, Principal Interior Designer/Interior Architect/and Builder founded Four Point Design with her husband Cliff.

She is an award winning interior designer who currently has a kitchen project exhibiting at the Pasadena Showcase which you can visit here as well as her website, https://fourpointdesignbuild.com.

Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Local LA Artist Laurie Raskin

Artist Laurie Raskin is an LA based artist who attended Cal Arts and was highly influenced by the Bauhaus.

At present Raskin works in two modes both of them readily recognizable as couched in modernist formal language and thinking. One mode in effect reconsiders the late work of Henri Matisse from the other side of Abstract Expressionism the other looks back at the Bauhaus from the “position” of Pop Art.

She currently is part of a group show called “The Perception of Color” at Gryder gallery in New Orleans with a virtual exhibition coming soon.

Laurie’s work can be found on her website: http://laurieraskin.com

Sensory Integration Series: On Color and Light | Janet Cross

Janet Cross is an architect currently residing in NYC.

Her architectural firm Cross Architecture specializes in architecture and art installation, land use as it intersects with parks and urban life and residential projects. She is working with James Turrell on the Roden Crater project in Arizona which you can find more information on the site here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0g6JFYRKxQ and access her website at http://www.crossarchitecture.com/index.php.

Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Gillian Rose

Gillian Rose, Color Expert and Founder of The Science of Color.

Gillian Rose is an interior designer and color scientist affiliated with ASID, AIA, CMG, IACC_NA President Elect, Emirati, and Publicolor, Benefit Committed.

She hails from NYC graduating from Parsons School of Design and is now based in Los Angeles. Gillian’s design assessment uses psychological methods of play to uncover the true color needs of the person and space.

You can find her contact info at https://www.thescienceofcolor.com.

Sensory Integration Series: On Color | Laura Guido-Clark

Laura Guido-Clark, Color Expert and Founder of LOVE GOOD COLOR

Laura Guido-Clark is a color expert with a studio based in Berkeley, California. She brings her color expertise to industrial and furniture design worldwide with a highly specialized color workshop series you can find and sign up at https://lovegoodcolor.com/.